Smile Gallery

Baltimore, MD Dentist

At Smile Solutions of Baltimore, we offer a variety of services that will improve the appearance of your smile and confidence. To learn more about how we can help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile, please visit our services page.

This patient wished to rejuvenate and feel better about his smile.

Treatment: Resin composite veneers on front upper 4 teeth (#7-10)

This American Patriot patient of ours wasn’t happy with how his front teeth look and wants to replace missing teeth in the future.

Treatment: Combination of porcelain crowns, veneers and replacement of front bridge

This lovely young woman wanted a brighter smile.

Treatment: Take home custom whitening trays

This patient had staining around his existing resin composite filling.

Treatment: Replacement of resin composite on canine and polishing of adjacent tooth stain. Took 30 mins to complete treatment.

This patient was looking to brighten his teeth and repair the damage from wear over the years.

Treatment: Porcelain crowns, veneers and bridges.

This patient didn’t like the appearance of her old composites that were discolored and kept chipping. She decided to brighten her smile with whitening and two crowns on her front teeth.

Treatment: Whitening and two porcelain crowns on central incisors

This patient had her two front teeth lost due to fracture. We decided to do a bridge using two teeth on either side of the space to support the bridge. The patient was very happy to get her smile back after her traumatizing experience losing her front teeth.

Treatment: 6 tooth porcelain bridge from canine to canine

This young patient came in after having a biking accident. His front teeth hit his handlebars and three of them were fractured. We saw him as a same day emergency patient and repaired his front teeth in time for the weekend. The patient was very excited and told us “they look like teeth!” at the end of his visit. It was very rewarding to be able to help this young man get back to his normal life.

Treatment: Resin composites on right lateral incisor and two central incisors

This patient presented with an old implant crown on his front tooth. The patient desired a better match of his implant crown with his neighboring teeth.

Treatment: New Implant Crown tooth #9 completed same day using CEREC system.

This male patient came to us wanting to make his front teeth look nice. He wasn’t happy about the staining around his resin composite fillings that he’d had placed over the years. He was very happy to have a new smile in a single visit. We truly believe we changed this patient’s life!

Treatment: Laser gum contouring and 6 CEREC porcelain veneers. Treatment completed in one visit.

This patient was missing her upper left premolar. After Dr. Ritter placed an implant and allowed for healing, we built her a crown on her implant and gave her all of her function back.

Treatment: Implant placement and abutment/crown. Completed in 4 months.

This patient wanted his discolored and misshaped composite replaced.

Treatment: CEREC porcelain veneer. Took one 3-hour appointment to complete.

This patient wanted to fix his discolored and worn front teeth.

Treatment: Eight porcelain veneers. Four on the top and four on the bottom.

This patient desired a more uniform and slightly brighter smile.

Treatment: 10 new porcelain veneers/crowns on her upper front teeth. Treatment time – 4 weeks

This patient wished to end the slow downward progression of her oral health and have a solution to her smile that was long-lasting.

Treatment: Removal of all remaining teeth, placement of 8 implants and two removable overdenture prosthetics that replaced all of her teeth. Smile solved! 🙂